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Club History

The Club was formed as Spearwood AUSSI in 1985 and in 2008 changed its name to Cockburn Masters.

Cockburn Masters more accurately reflects the geographical location of most of our members and the places where we swim (Coogee Beach and the new Cockburn ARC), all within the City of Cockburn. It also now refers to Masters Swimming as an affiliation, which used to be known as AUSSI Masters Swimming.

Our Club relies on support from its membership base and is an incorporated not-for-profit association which is guided by an Executive Committee. Over the years there have been many different members and we continue to grow with well over 80 current members.

The Club started from humble beginnings with a handful of members, with sessions held at the old Spearwood Pool in Barrington St. When that pool was sold to a developer and demolished in 2002, the Club moved to South Lake Leisure Centre and swam there until recently when it moved to its brand new home at the Cockburn ARC. The Club swims at the Cockburn ARC on Tuesdays and Thursdays and also as a sessions at Coogee Beach every Saturday morning all year round.

Membership Fees

Renewing Members ($126.00)
  • Annual Club Fee $50.00
  • MSWA Registration Fee $76.00

New Members ($156.00)
  • One-Off Joining Fee $30.00
  • Annual Club Fee $50.00
  • MSWA Registration Fee $76.00

Special 4 month and 16 month fees will be available from 1 September to 30 November annually. All renewals are due from 1 December annually. New membership enquiries are welcomed all year round.

A reduced fee is available as a "Volunteer" membership for anyone who wants to join the club as a non-swimming member (also considered a "Social" member). Swimmers from other Masters clubs are also welcome to join as a second claim member which we call "Associate" members. Details of both membership types are available on request.

It is each member's responsibility to pay pool entry costs directly to Cockburn ARC on arrival, with many members also taking advantage of great multi-buy passes or memberships available from Cockburn ARC. The Club meets all other pool and lane hire expenses.

There is no charge for the Saturday morning sessions at Coogee Beach.

The Club is also an affiliated club of the Coogee Beach Surf Life Saving Club so ALL Club members are automatically granted affiliated member status at the surf club with access to the members' changerooms at the new integrated facility at Poore Grove and various other affilate member benefits.